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Risk Sharing and Mobile Money

Mobile Money has helped people in the developing countries to cope with risk sharing. Sending Money from one end of the country to another has become as simple as sending a short message. A transaction that really needed sophisticated coordination tasks, has become the door opener and a form of risk coordination mechanism for poor counties.



Technology Transfer to Africa - Mobile Smart City

Government agencies and Institutions in Africa are ready to embrace new technological advances. We at Evansonslabs Consulting and Coaching make it our responsibility to assist IT-Companies in the region (Africa) in the search for the best Information and Computer Technologies (ICTs) worldwide.  What is the effect of non-existence of adequate technologies and solutions? The answer is, equipe the economy with the best IT infrustructure in the world and your economy will earn the benefit of improved government and entreprise services for all citizens.


Mobile technologies are the vast spread technologies in Africa. This is the opportunity for Africa to take an economy spring to a new era of technological advance. Adoption of new mobile technologies and services will allow the African economies to efficiently utilize the full potential of the widely adopted mobile devices in all sectors and within the whole population.


Mobile Smart City is the new mode of interaction between Governments and their Citizens. The enhanced exchange of information, efficient service delivery to the citizens enhances the inclusion of the citizens in the management and governance of cities. Good commucation enhances harmony within communities and encourages the social conhesion between the leadership, administrative arm and the citizens. Businesses florish in such an environment, since the benefit of enhance communication is the saved cost of worse alternatives.


If you are an IT-Company in Africa (Current focus is in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda) feel free to contact us and get to know which opportunities we have for you!


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