Market analysis

Market research at Evansonslabs involves finding out potential business models for automation (Industry 4.0). Connecting people and professionals across industries and worldwide in their search of technologies they can combine to create synergies. Our work is:

  • carry out scientific research on impact of automation business models
  • evaluate existing automation business models
  • formulate strategies for automation business models
  • network with professionals in automation industry
  • connect people to automation technologies

Automated Monitoring Systems

Evansonslabs in search of partners with technical and engineering know-how, who are willing to jointly develope automated monitoring systems for different applications such as:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart Factories
  • Smart Governments
  • Smart Services
  • Smart Energy Management Systems
  • etc.

Smart Service Platforms

Evansonslabs intends to build a network of Smart Service Providers for different sectors and create a platform for compatibility marketing such as:

  • System Integration
  • Complex Systems Design
  • Complex Systems Optimization
  • Smart ERP, CRM
  • Social Collaboration Platforms
  • Regulatory Compliance