Case Study: The Future of E-Mobility at Porsche

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability can only be achieved by courage to solve today´s challenges; global warming through greenhouse emissions. E-Mobility could be a factor in solving some of this problems. So what is being done by some of the key players in the mobility industry. We begin with some observations about some key stakeholders in the E-Mobility sector.

Future of E-Mobility - Source: World Economic Forum - Mobility is a fundamental human need, and an essential enabler of prosperity. However, the current mobility paradigm is not sustainable
Future of E-Mobility - (Source: World Economic Forum)

"Mobility is a fundamental human need, and an essential enabler of prosperity. However, the current mobility paradigm is not sustainable; road travel causes millions of deaths every year, a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions are transport-related due to the sector’s dependence on oil, and congestion causes billions of dollars in losses. There is hope on the horizon, however, as the global mobility system is in the early stages of a massive transformation. New technologies are enabling innovative related businesses, and policy-makers are eager to engage with industries as they seek to develop a global mobility system that is smart, safe, clean and inclusive."

-  The World Economic Forum -

Porsche, E-Mobility and Mission-E

Porsche Mission E Vision
Source: Porsche AG https://newsroom.porsche.com/

What is the future of E-Mobility? Dr. Ing. h.c. Porsche will be sponsoring this years October 9th-11th, 2017 "International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition" (EVS) in Messe Stuttgart, Germany together with (Daimler), Bosch, Mahle and EnBW. The exhibition hosts stakeholders from the electromotive (e-mobility) sector; decision makers, manufacturers and End-users come together to discuss the future of E-Mobility.

E-Mobility could be the future business for PORSCHE in 2017. For the tremendous insight about Porsche´s Mission-E just click here!  Technological progress in the batteries could help Porsche reach the next level of bringing e-mobility to a niche that was thought to be reserved for conventional fuel engines. Porsche's e-mobility mission is to build the future sports e-car without loosing the functionalities of a conventional sports car using Porsche´s E-Performance!


Porsche wants to create an e-car with more than 400 kW (600 hp) performance, with an acceleration from 0 m to 100 m in less than 3,5 seconds, minimum speed of 250 km/h and with a distance range of more than 500 km. The Design is not the only aspect of Porsche´s new e-car concept, but also the integration of both  unconventional (Inductive) and conventional (cable) charging systems. Visitors of the EVS30, though heterogeneous in nature, are searching for vast solutions to various challenges they face in producing, selling, regulating and running e-mobility solutions. We at Evansonslabs Consulting and Coaching focus on developing business strategies for our clients that could bring solutions to questions raised by different stakeholders in the e-mobility sector. Our clients are both small, medium and large firms in search of strategic answers of which businesses could be created around e-mobility.


The main Question is: How can e-mobility be integrated in an ecosystem of e-mobility infrastructure?

We welcome stakeholders with mutual benefit and interested clients to facilitate this research question and help them implement e-mobility strategies.

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